Startup Experience

  • Principal Engineer at Omada Health, a digital health platform on a mission to inspire and empower people everywhere to live free of chronic disease
  • Staff Engineer/Head of Engineering at Per Angusta, building the CRM for Procurement
  • Bootstrapped [evome], an agile agency specialized in Ruby and JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • First employee at shazino, a lean startup building products for biotech companies
  • Lead Architect/Developer at Leadformance, a startup building a dealer/PoS locator (now Yellow Pages/Solocal)


Distributed Systems

  • Trek: a CLI/ncurses explorer for HashiCorp Nomad clusters (written in Go)
  • Raven: a Consul-based Control Plane for Envoy Proxy (written in Go)




  • chrust: a Rust version manager based on chruby (started in 2014, unmaintained)
  • ers: ERb-like templating engine for Rust (started in 2014, unmaintained)


Cryptographic tools

  • tweetnacl: TweetNaCl Ruby C-extension
  • blake2: BLAKE2 - fast secure hashing - for Ruby

Community outreach

  • RuLu (Ruby Lugdunum, in Lyon): Initiating founder and ongoing organizer (2010-2013) of one of the most renown Ruby conference in France (±120 attendees)
  • Code Retreat Lyon: initiating founder and occasional facilitator
  • Occasional lecturer and mentor
  • Conference speaker in English and French