Hello! My name is Franck Verrot and I am a senior software engineer.

I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from a French Engineering School, CPE Lyon, with a specialization in Software Engineering and Network Engineering.

Over the years, I worked in many different contexts (technical, cultural, organizational), operated on a diverse set of technologies, and evolved into different roles.

I know how to:

  • Build new products from the ground-up
  • Build strategies to make Engineering departments more efficient, focused on the right thing
  • Design, maintain, and evolve distributed systems
  • Lead diverse teams (both in terms of specialties and cultural backgrounds)
  • Transforming business requirements into actionable roadmap items

I have a passion for Open Source and led / join a lot of Open Source projects. Take a look at my Portfolio for a list of companies and projects I am part / have been part of.

You can contact me at franck at verrot dot fr or on LinkedIn.