ActiveValidators 1.9.0 is out!

gem install activevalidators

Read on for the full - yet concise - changelog.

From its first versions, ActiveValidators has been designed to rely on the mail gem. The mail gem is at the foundation of action_mailer, and doing so reduced the chances of having emails validated by ActiveValidators and rejected by action_mailer or MTAs.

The EmailValidator can validate emails in the form user@domain.tld, but mail accepts any RFC-valid email address (1), like "User" <user@domain.tld>. Although that kind of format is correct, most apps want to only keep the user@domain.tld part and leave the rest.

Since this commit, the email validator now accepts an option to constraint a bit more the email validation:

validates :field_to_validate, :email => { :strict => true/false }

By default, strict is set to false and the mail gem validation will apply. When strict is set to true, only emails in the form user@domain.tld will be valid.

I’m wondering it would make sense to switch the default to true (I tend to prefer sensible defaults). Don’t hesitate to give an opinion on that and thanks for using ActiveValidators.

  1. RFC 5321, RFC 5322 and RFC 5396.