The RubyCamp Lyon 2010 took place yesterday, Saturday 17th. I was great meeting all those people interested in Ruby, for both professional and amateur matters. Eyrolles was sponsoring the event and offered 10 books (I didn’t win one though - that’s for the sucking part :)).

I also obtained a last-minute sponsoring from Engine Yard, but as I obtained the required info the night before the presentation, I only showed a little bit the interface but didn’t do anything real with it. Instead, I used Heroku and presented the 60-second deployment stuff. I think I made my point there: configuring servers and low-level stuff isn’t fun anymore, let’s put the application at the center of all.

So here’s my slides. Be kind with the layout and content, it was best seeing me (or anybody else talking :)) live than it’s gonna be reading it.

I haven’t had time to go thru the other presentation I prepared called “Ruby Software Architecture”, but I’ll do that during another event.

Anyhoo… I’m looking forward to the next “Apéro Ruby” now that the group is in motion!